MACC — an R package for the analysis of chromatin structure data

Download the latest version of MACC

MACC_0.2.tar.gz -- the MACC package and related data


Method 1 (from the command line in Unix/Linux):
$ R CMD INSTALL /path/to/file/MACC_0.2.tar.gz -l /path/to/my/library

Method 2 (from within R console):
> install.packages("/path/to/file/MACC_0.2.tar.gz", lib="/path/to/my/library")

An example of the package run

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Cook, A., Mieczkowski, J., & Tolstorukov, M.Y. (2017).
Single-assay profiling of nucleosome occupancy and chromatin accessibility.
Current Protocols in Molecular Biology, 120, 21.34.1–21.34.18. doi: 10.1002/cpmb.45


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