Chromosome 2 Physical Map

To reference our work on the physical map, please cite:
Eve Ann Zachgo, Ming Li Wang, Julia Dewdney, David Bouchez, Christine Camilleri, Stephen Belmonte, Lu Huang, Maureen Dolan and Howard M. Goodman* (1996) A Physical Map of Chromosome 2 of Arabidopsis thaliana. Genome Research, Vol 6 (1) pp 19-25.

* Corresponding author


The tiling map of the chromosome is presented in a series six of overlapping images. Click on the highlighted text to display each image.

  1. Top to g4133 (top to 26.2 cM)
  2. ve013 to m216 (21.2 to 35.9 cM)
  3. m216 to g6842 (35.9 to 48.4 cM)
  4. g6842 to g17288 (48.4 to 72.7 cM)
  5. mi277 to m336 (72.2 to 83.6 cM)
  6. g4514 to bottom (80 to 88.3 cM)

Click here for a legend to the figure.

Click here for a note on CIC YAC end probes.

The Goodman cosmids which are on the map but which were not available from the Ohio State stock center have now been sent. Click here for an image of the Hind III digests of the preparations and their band sizes.