Table 1:BACs on chromosome 2

BACs in the table below produced positive signals for only one YAC probe or for two YAC probes where the YACs were known to overlap on the chromosome 2 map. YAC probes are ordered according to their tiling path for chromosome two.

This file is provided for completeness. However, the graphic pages provide a clearer view.

|--YAC Probe(s)---|---------BAC Hits------------------------------|

CIC07C11          TAMU01I23 TAMU05B19 TAMU16E02 TAMU17M23 TAMU17P20
                  TAMU18A17 TAMU21D10 TAMU24A08 TAMU24I19 TAMU25L06
                  TAMU25M16 TAMU27A20 TAMU27C18 TAMU27L05 TAMU27L08
                  TAMU27M16 TAMU31C13 TAMU31O13  

CIC07C11 CIC11A04 TAMU23K03    

CIC11A04          TAMU08O11 TAMU08P22 TAMU10I24 TAMU11A22 TAMU17A24
                  TAMU18N22 TAMU19K11 TAMU21L08 TAMU21M21 TAMU21P24
                  TAMU22L14 TAMU24B04 TAMU26N21 TAMU28F07 TAMU29K07

CIC11A04 CIC09D08 TAMU08K22 TAMU09E11 TAMU17C14 TAMU20F06 

CIC09D08          TAMU04C10 TAMU04E22 TAMU04G15 TAMU04K11 TAMU04M08
                  TAMU04P05 TAMU08D04 TAMU08O16 TAMU09O10 TAMU13J05
                  TAMU13K08 TAMU14L12 TAMU16I09 TAMU16K23 TAMU17E24
                  TAMU17M13 TAMU18C20 TAMU19F15 TAMU23H02 TAMU24J18
                  TAMU24J21 TAMU26I01 TAMU28I18 TAMU30P06 TAMU31A15
                  TAMU31I05 TAMU32C16 TAMU32G03 TAMU32M13 

CIC09D08 CIC02G01

CIC02G01          TAMU02E23 TAMU02K04 TAMU04E02 TAMU05D07 TAMU06H07
                  TAMU06N08 TAMU15I09 TAMU18H16 TAMU20B21 TAMU20G20
                  TAMU21B23 TAMU21L02 TAMU21L17 TAMU22D09 TAMU22L20
                  TAMU23C08 TAMU24D12 TAMU27D22 TAMU27G18 TAMU28L24

CIC02G01 CIC06C08


CIC06C08 CIC02G05


CIC02G05 CIC08G09


CIC08G09 CIC12E03

CIC12E03          TAMU01A01 TAMU01A20 TAMU01B02 TAMU01D18 TAMU01E15
                  TAMU01H01 TAMU01O16 TAMU02K08 TAMU03B07 TAMU03B14
                  TAMU03K08 TAMU03N16 TAMU03O24 TAMU03P12 TAMU04G03
                  TAMU04G05 TAMU05A02 TAMU05G02 TAMU05J03 TAMU06A13
                  TAMU06A14 TAMU06D10 TAMU07D03 TAMU07E17 TAMU07K14
                  TAMU07K22 TAMU08A02 TAMU09A22 TAMU09B19 TAMU09F20
                  TAMU10A04 TAMU10A21 TAMU10A22 TAMU10D04 TAMU10D06
                  TAMU10D07 TAMU10D15 TAMU10E24 TAMU10H12 TAMU10H14
                  TAMU10M09 TAMU10P18 TAMU10P22 TAMU11B01 TAMU11C04
                  TAMU11D11 TAMU13A21 TAMU13J14 TAMU13K06 TAMU13P10
                  TAMU14H11 TAMU15A05 TAMU15J14 TAMU16A10 TAMU16B06
                  TAMU16I05 TAMU17H08 TAMU17M02 TAMU19H23 TAMU20A12
                  TAMU21C22 TAMU21L11 TAMU22C12 TAMU22E18 TAMU22H07
                  TAMU23F11 TAMU24F15 TAMU25L11 TAMU26C16 TAMU26D11
                  TAMU26G03 TAMU26K06 TAMU28B11 TAMU28J15 TAMU28M12
                  TAMU29G16 TAMU29M09 TAMU29M19 TAMU30A10 TAMU30A19

CIC12E03 CIC02A10 TAMU32I18    

CIC02A10          TAMU01K16 TAMU03J02 TAMU05D05 TAMU05E03 TAMU05P15
                  TAMU07P13 TAMU09L05 TAMU10K13 TAMU17G13 TAMU30A07

CIC02A10 CIC08E10 TAMU05I06 TAMU11E04   

CIC08E10          TAMU05G04 TAMU06M19 TAMU06N20 TAMU07O16 TAMU16M24
                  TAMU19G13 TAMU22P04 TAMU29C16 TAMU29L08 

CIC08E10 CIC08B10 TAMU03M10 TAMU05J14 TAMU16I01 TAMU21A10 TAMU22C10
                  TAMU25N19 TAMU31P07   

CIC08B10          TAMU02M11 TAMU02N23 TAMU03M18 TAMU03O17 TAMU13L16
                  TAMU13N05 TAMU17A05 TAMU17B13 TAMU19E12 TAMU19H02
                  TAMU20G11 TAMU21O13   

CIC08B10 CIC06E08

CIC06E08          TAMU01E11 TAMU01K08 TAMU03I21 TAMU04N04 TAMU06B17
                  TAMU06L03 TAMU07A03 TAMU09I19 TAMU13D05 TAMU16C02
                  TAMU17G24 TAMU27F05 TAMU30D06 TAMU31F07 TAMU31L15

CIC06E08 CIC04G09 TAMU06J12 TAMU15M01 TAMU15O21 TAMU17F14 TAMU20D05
                  TAMU20K24 TAMU21D23 TAMU23O13 TAMU26A05 TAMU26A20
                  TAMU26P05 TAMU28A22 TAMU28D03 TAMU28I01 TAMU29H23

CIC04G09          TAMU02C10 TAMU09H03 TAMU09P03 TAMU11B03 TAMU14K01
                  TAMU17G10 TAMU20O24 TAMU21K04 TAMU27B22 TAMU27F07
                  TAMU27I05 TAMU28D21   

CIC04G09 CIC11C11 TAMU07B05 TAMU14F11 TAMU14J11 TAMU15G03 TAMU18O04
                  TAMU23H07 TAMU25A07 TAMU28A19  

CIC11C11          TAMU01B21 TAMU02C02 TAMU02G06 TAMU02G12 TAMU02J06
                  TAMU03B05 TAMU04A15 TAMU05D10 TAMU05D24 TAMU06L06
                  TAMU07K15 TAMU08E05 TAMU08H20 TAMU13C10 TAMU16L20
                  TAMU24G11 TAMU25F04 TAMU26I05 TAMU28K08 TAMU31I20
                  TAMU31J24 TAMU32A12   

CIC11C11 CIC07E02 TAMU13C07 TAMU13O03 TAMU27F17  

CIC07E02          TAMU02E18 TAMU07A14 TAMU13H11 TAMU15N09 TAMU15O24
                  TAMU16J05 TAMU28F22   

CIC07E02 CIC06F09

CIC06F09          TAMU02A04 TAMU10B04 TAMU10G05 TAMU14J03 TAMU27C12

CIC06F09 CIC06C07

CIC06C07          TAMU10B22 TAMU11H19 TAMU20K09 TAMU24K16 TAMU30I03

CIC06C07 CIC10A09 TAMU08A08 TAMU11G05 TAMU15M08 TAMU16C06 TAMU16F01
                  TAMU16F13 TAMU16N13 TAMU20D16  

CIC10A09          TAMU01H13 TAMU01K24 TAMU01O02 TAMU03B04 TAMU03O11
                  TAMU04E15 TAMU05E18 TAMU05M08 TAMU06L02 TAMU06N16
                  TAMU07A24 TAMU07G13 TAMU07N05 TAMU09G21 TAMU09P21
                  TAMU10B24 TAMU10D14 TAMU14C20 TAMU14L18 TAMU15D13
                  TAMU16N24 TAMU17A14 TAMU17B16 TAMU18B17 TAMU19C14
                  TAMU19P24 TAMU20F10 TAMU21J10 TAMU23G24 TAMU23J10
                  TAMU23J21 TAMU23O17 TAMU24C23 TAMU24L20 TAMU26E10
                  TAMU26P18 TAMU27I06 TAMU27K13 TAMU27P03 TAMU28I24
                  TAMU29E15 TAMU30H03 TAMU31N06  

CIC10A09 CIC08H12

CIC08H12          TAMU02L19 TAMU07M13 TAMU07N18 TAMU08M13 TAMU09I22
                  TAMU09K03 TAMU14E10 TAMU17L14 TAMU18C10 TAMU19C01
                  TAMU20E05 TAMU20F05 TAMU21D06 TAMU21J15 TAMU23E12
                  TAMU23J15 TAMU27G05 TAMU30B05 TAMU31M06 

CIC08H12 CIC10F01

CIC10F01          TAMU01F03 TAMU01G04 TAMU04A14 TAMU04D15 TAMU06J05
                  TAMU14C13 TAMU15B06 TAMU16N18 TAMU17P14 TAMU19L18
                  TAMU21H17 TAMU23L21 TAMU25L10 TAMU26L23 TAMU27H18
                  TAMU27L13 TAMU30G18 TAMU31C08 TAMU32D21 TAMU32N13

CIC10F01 CIC07B05 TAMU27C24    

CIC07B05          TAMU01B03 TAMU01F18 TAMU03H09 TAMU04B09 TAMU04O16
                  TAMU05B18 TAMU05I12 TAMU05K14 TAMU07J16 TAMU15A23
                  TAMU15A24 TAMU16D21 TAMU16E10 TAMU16F21 TAMU17D12
                  TAMU17E14 TAMU17N02 TAMU19F03 TAMU22H10 TAMU22I11
                  TAMU23K06 TAMU23K11 TAMU24P11 TAMU25C10 TAMU25E12
                  TAMU25H05 TAMU25O18 TAMU25P03 TAMU26E09 TAMU27D10
                  TAMU27N06 TAMU28N10 TAMU29E16 TAMU29F07 TAMU31D09
                  TAMU31E15 TAMU31G11 TAMU31I06 TAMU31J14 TAMU31L10
                  TAMU31L12 TAMU32C11 TAMU32O10  

CIC07B05 CIC04B04 TAMU13H22 TAMU17D17 TAMU30C11 TAMU31M14 

CIC04B04          TAMU01F02 TAMU02I09 TAMU02K15 TAMU04A11 TAMU07L19
                  TAMU08E21 TAMU08N13 TAMU09D09 TAMU10P21 TAMU15I11
                  TAMU15L24 TAMU15M22 TAMU17B24 TAMU17H11 TAMU19F06
                  TAMU20D03 TAMU20H13 TAMU22A16 TAMU22K06 TAMU22L03
                  TAMU22M04 TAMU23D10 TAMU23E13 TAMU25N09 TAMU27E13
                  TAMU27N04 TAMU28D09 TAMU28H03 TAMU28M20 TAMU29B21
                  TAMU29L01 TAMU30C08 TAMU31L01 TAMU31M20 TAMU32E06
                  TAMU32K21 TAMU32L13 TAMU32N02  

CIC04B04 CIC10F07

CIC10F07          TAMU02A05 TAMU08K02 TAMU09D08 TAMU13H13 TAMU13L17
                  TAMU13N19 TAMU14O11 TAMU15L04 TAMU17H04 TAMU17M06
                  TAMU18E07 TAMU19K15 TAMU21L14 TAMU21P21 TAMU24L11
                  TAMU25J09 TAMU25N06 TAMU25N07 TAMU27K07 TAMU27L24
                  TAMU30O18 TAMU31H20   

CIC10F07 CIC09H02 TAMU01C02 TAMU01O09 TAMU04C07 TAMU05C14 TAMU08M10

CIC09H02          TAMU01B17 TAMU01C01 TAMU02B23 TAMU02H03 TAMU02I03
                  TAMU04C03 TAMU04C15 TAMU04K22 TAMU04M23 TAMU05G10
                  TAMU06E12 TAMU06F18 TAMU07A06 TAMU07B07 TAMU07G22
                  TAMU07H12 TAMU08E14 TAMU09A21 TAMU09B10 TAMU09C23
                  TAMU09G22 TAMU09G23 TAMU09H10 TAMU09H22 TAMU10C02
                  TAMU10C22 TAMU10E11 TAMU10J19 TAMU10P02 TAMU11D02
                  TAMU13M19 TAMU14P08 TAMU15J09 TAMU17A11 TAMU17A13
                  TAMU17C18 TAMU17C21 TAMU17E13 TAMU17F18 TAMU17G17
                  TAMU17H14 TAMU17H15 TAMU17I04 TAMU17J18 TAMU18C13
                  TAMU18E13 TAMU18H14 TAMU19I15 TAMU19J18 TAMU20E12
                  TAMU20I10 TAMU22F02 TAMU22N17 TAMU24F11 TAMU27A19
                  TAMU27L03 TAMU28L01 TAMU29N02 TAMU31H15 TAMU31K02

CIC09H02 CIC12G05

CIC12G05          TAMU01B12 TAMU01O15 TAMU07L01 TAMU07L03 TAMU09I05
                  TAMU10F03 TAMU10G16 TAMU13F21 TAMU14C03 TAMU14D09
                  TAMU14L10 TAMU15M16 TAMU15N16 TAMU15P14 TAMU16O15
                  TAMU16O20 TAMU17012 TAMU17C16 TAMU18I14 TAMU18O01
                  TAMU19C10 TAMU21B05 TAMU23L06 TAMU23N13 TAMU24A04
                  TAMU24B06 TAMU25J01 TAMU26P02 TAMU28P03 TAMU30A18

CIC12G05 CIC12G09

CIC12G09          TAMU01F17 TAMU02J01 TAMU03J06 TAMU03K03 TAMU03M16
                  TAMU05B12 TAMU08A06 TAMU08N02 TAMU10G22 TAMU10I11
                  TAMU11A09 TAMU11D10 TAMU15O13 TAMU19H20 TAMU20F01
                  TAMU21F21 TAMU21K11 TAMU23I10 TAMU25C05 TAMU31F18
                  TAMU31L03 TAMU32C17   

CIC12G09 CIC05G04 TAMU01G06 TAMU01O08 TAMU02F01 TAMU03A03 TAMU03I16
                  TAMU08L03 TAMU09G10 TAMU09M07 TAMU10J10 TAMU11D06
                  TAMU25B05 TAMU25C22 TAMU25M22 TAMU28J04 TAMU29H05
                  TAMU29I23 TAMU31C10 TAMU31D06 TAMU31G02 

CIC05G04          TAMU01A08 TAMU01J08 TAMU02N08 TAMU04D04 TAMU04E03
                  TAMU09G24 TAMU16M23 TAMU19I05 TAMU20C14 TAMU20I05
                  TAMU21A12 TAMU21K13 TAMU21L12 TAMU21N17 TAMU23A12
                  TAMU23G03 TAMU23L12 TAMU23M14 TAMU26B09 TAMU27B09
                  TAMU27G13 TAMU27G15 TAMU27J18 TAMU28J02 

CIC05G04 CIC10F12 TAMU02N18 TAMU18P02 TAMU19G24 TAMU28C02 

CIC10F12          TAMU01I16 TAMU01M10 TAMU02L13 TAMU06K11 TAMU06O22
                  TAMU07F11 TAMU10O21 TAMU15E13 TAMU17A22 TAMU17G01
                  TAMU18A22 TAMU18D13 TAMU19O11 TAMU23A07 TAMU23B23
                  TAMU23E21 TAMU24H15 TAMU24M05 TAMU27E04 TAMU27F22
                  TAMU31G17 TAMU32D02 TAMU32G22 TAMU32L22 

CIC10F12 CIC02G09 TAMU08P20 TAMU13H20   

CIC02G09          TAMU01L02 TAMU01P03 TAMU03C08 TAMU03D23 TAMU03E06
                  TAMU03L06 TAMU04L06 TAMU04M01 TAMU05C12 TAMU05F06
                  TAMU05F07 TAMU05N23 TAMU05P02 TAMU07P02 TAMU08A14
                  TAMU09L01 TAMU10E19 TAMU10K11 TAMU15F15 TAMU16P16
                  TAMU17F07 TAMU18D10 TAMU19N14 TAMU21F19 TAMU21J03
                  TAMU21L21 TAMU22L15 TAMU23A13 TAMU23E22 TAMU23F07
                  TAMU23N09 TAMU24I07 TAMU24L15 TAMU24M09 TAMU26M06
                  TAMU28F15 TAMU29C11 TAMU29E22 TAMU29J13 TAMU31F21
                  TAMU31L22 TAMU32A05   

CIC02G09 CIC10A06 TAMU01P05 TAMU08L16 TAMU29M21  

CIC10A06          TAMU04M24 TAMU05A21 TAMU05I07 TAMU05K16 TAMU06E02
                  TAMU07M07 TAMU08A21 TAMU09B02 TAMU09C02 TAMU09E02
                  TAMU09J01 TAMU10A24 TAMU10C01 TAMU10L24 TAMU11A02
                  TAMU11A24 TAMU11B02 TAMU11C02 TAMU13K10 TAMU14J19
                  TAMU14K19 TAMU16O21 TAMU18H19 TAMU19H14 TAMU21M03
                  TAMU22B03 TAMU22G02 TAMU22G14 TAMU22K21 TAMU28J03
                  TAMU28M21 TAMU29F06 TAMU29O13 TAMU30H02 TAMU31A13

CIC10A06 CIC11C08 TAMU02P04 TAMU06N13 TAMU07D17 TAMU09G14 TAMU13F03
                  TAMU24N03 TAMU32K17   

CIC11C08          TAMU01F04 TAMU01F10 TAMU01K18 TAMU01L22 TAMU03H21
                  TAMU03K09 TAMU03L20 TAMU03N19 TAMU04B02 TAMU05E05
                  TAMU05P22 TAMU07A09 TAMU07I16 TAMU07K18 TAMU07K19
                  TAMU08B01 TAMU08K24 TAMU09E05 TAMU09L11 TAMU10F20
                  TAMU14G07 TAMU15H09 TAMU16D24 TAMU17B17 TAMU17H13
                  TAMU17I17 TAMU17K18 TAMU17M04 TAMU17N06 TAMU18B21
                  TAMU18C07 TAMU18C11 TAMU18C12 TAMU18M04 TAMU19A06
                  TAMU19A15 TAMU19A22 TAMU19B04 TAMU19B17 TAMU19D13
                  TAMU19D17 TAMU19H13 TAMU19J19 TAMU20B05 TAMU20B07
                  TAMU20C02 TAMU20C11 TAMU20D10 TAMU20F15 TAMU20H05
                  TAMU20I11 TAMU20M14 TAMU20N09 TAMU20O11 TAMU21B07
                  TAMU21B17 TAMU21G06 TAMU21I20 TAMU21M05 TAMU22F06
                  TAMU22K19 TAMU22K22 TAMU23A08 TAMU23B07 TAMU23D09
                  TAMU23O06 TAMU24F06 TAMU24K23 TAMU25D17 TAMU25D18
                  TAMU25K13 TAMU26J13 TAMU26L13 TAMU26M23 TAMU27J02
                  TAMU28E11 TAMU29D05 TAMU29D24 TAMU29E20 TAMU29K08
                  TAMU29P06 TAMU30P19 TAMU31K12 TAMU32G06 TAMU32K08

CIC11C08 EG05C12 TAMU11A07    

EG05C12          TAMU02A17 TAMU02I02 TAMU03A23 TAMU04I02 TAMU10K17

EG05C12 EW16G04 TAMU01E14 TAMU02J02 TAMU03F08 TAMU04A16 TAMU06D20

EW16G04          TAMU04F15 TAMU04G14 TAMU07J22 TAMU08O20 TAMU09D15

EW16G04 CIC10F02

CIC10F02          TAMU01G03 TAMU05H10 TAMU05O10 TAMU09J16 TAMU09M10
                  TAMU10C13 TAMU10P14 TAMU13C05 TAMU14B13 TAMU18B20
                  TAMU18D08 TAMU27C05 TAMU28I16 TAMU29M05 

CIC10F02 CIC06A08 TAMU04F07 TAMU04I14 TAMU07G04 TAMU08A12 TAMU08C05
                  TAMU10A10 TAMU10I05 TAMU15I24 TAMU16F23 TAMU19O12
                  TAMU21E22 TAMU21L10 TAMU23C18 TAMU24A09 TAMU24C07
                  TAMU24N04 TAMU25L18 TAMU26M04 TAMU27G19 TAMU27M05
                  TAMU29C06 TAMU29L23 TAMU31J04  

CIC06A08          TAMU15I23 TAMU15P21 TAMU16P23 TAMU27G11 

CIC06A08 CIC02E07 TAMU07B06 TAMU09E17 TAMU13A03 TAMU13I19 TAMU17K13
                  TAMU17L19 TAMU18N03 TAMU23N24 TAMU27C20 TAMU27P18

CIC02E07          TAMU01B07 TAMU01D11 TAMU01K04 TAMU02A02 TAMU02C21
                  TAMU02H19 TAMU02I19 TAMU02J05 TAMU03B11 TAMU04C19
                  TAMU04C21 TAMU04E19 TAMU04G07 TAMU04K05 TAMU04O18
                  TAMU05C16 TAMU05C22 TAMU05D14 TAMU05E15 TAMU05H01
                  TAMU05O09 TAMU07D19 TAMU08B07 TAMU09J15 TAMU09N19
                  TAMU10E03 TAMU13E15 TAMU13G06 TAMU13K03 TAMU13L13
                  TAMU13M11 TAMU14C16 TAMU14F13 TAMU14N01 TAMU14N07
                  TAMU14P01 TAMU17J07 TAMU19J16 TAMU21C03 TAMU21G14
                  TAMU23M18 TAMU24D04 TAMU25M20 TAMU26I15 TAMU27P12
                  TAMU28C14 TAMU28D06 TAMU28E05 TAMU28K13 TAMU29C09
                  TAMU29C23 TAMU29P01 TAMU30D09 TAMU30F20 TAMU30H06

CIC02E07 CIC11E02 TAMU04M18 TAMU07E08   


CIC11E02 CIC08H02

CIC08H02          TAMU01G15 TAMU01J17 TAMU03E15 TAMU05F01 TAMU05I09
                  TAMU13F06 TAMU15G17 TAMU17O24  

CIC08H02 CIC10H06


CIC10H06 CIC06C03 TAMU03D07 TAMU05L08 TAMU08F01 TAMU08I13 TAMU09E12

CIC06C03          TAMU01D05 TAMU03A04 TAMU03G05 TAMU05E17 TAMU05M19
                  TAMU06G23 TAMU07C12 TAMU07I01 TAMU08G14 TAMU09K17
                  TAMU09M24 TAMU13D22 TAMU13G01 TAMU13M13 TAMU14B23
                  TAMU14J01 TAMU16A04 TAMU16C15 TAMU16D08 TAMU16K18
                  TAMU18A01 TAMU18J18 TAMU18L10 TAMU20J20 TAMU21H11
                  TAMU21H12 TAMU22E02 TAMU22L24 TAMU25F02 TAMU25F03
                  TAMU25I23 TAMU27N07 TAMU28E21 TAMU28N01 TAMU30B22
                  TAMU31B23 TAMU31D18 TAMU31E23 TAMU31H08 
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