If your bicycle has a Sturmey Archer, multispeed rear hub, look for numbers stamped into the hub as shown above. The numbers "53 8" indicate that the hub was made in August of 1953. If your rear wheel is the original wheel that came with your bicycle, then you can assume the bicycle was made around the same time. Front wheel dynohubs also have numbers stamped on them according to this principle. Most Sturmey Archer hubs have clear impressions up until the 1960's then weak/illegible/partial impressions became more common. Note that Sturmey archer hubs made prior to circa 1940 do not follow this rule. Rather the early hubs were either unstamped or have only one number such as "9" meaning 1939. One can also use the frame serial number to gain such information using Raleigh serial number charts presented elsewhere on the web - but I have had little success using that method.

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