Check out the following links for more information about English bicycles and components:
Sheldon Brown's Home Page Sheldon Brown's site has a vast quantity of information on many aspects of bicycles and cycling. Check out his articles on:
English 3 Speeds-Care and Feeding
Three-Speed Parts
Sturmey-Archer 50 Years of Leadership
Sheldon's ASC hub page Sturmey Archer produced a three-speed fixed-gear hub. Follow this link to Sheldon's page about this interesting hub!

Older Raleigh Bicycles

Sturmey-Archer This site has loads of information on current Sturmey-Archer interally geared hubs, brakes - now made in Taiwan.
Classic Lightweights UK A fairly new site and already the best for information and photos of classic British lightweight cycles, components, and history. This site is a great place to enter into discussions on all kinds of topics concerned with vintage bicycles including English Roadsters.

The Mercian Register A site dedicated to one of the great marques of the golden age of British hand built bicycles. The purpose of this register is to record Mercian frames and bicycles built before 1970. It is a collaboration of the worldwide community of Mercian riders.

Tony Hadland's Pages Articles about bicycles and so much more. Read features about how to modify a trigger for ASC operation, repair of Sturmey-Archer hubs and Moultons.
Sturmey-Archer SW hubs by Brian Hayes
Classic Rendezvous Site Information, pictures and e-mail list concerning classic bicycles and their components.
Sturmey-Archer Patents online

Other bicycle collections:

Alf Sterling Classic Bikes B.S.A., Hercules, Raleigh, Royal Enfield, Rudge, Triumph and more - wonderful before and after pics.
Old School Cycles Hand made vintage lightweight bicycles from the 30's through 70's.
THE STONES OF WALES A great site for electric bikes, cyclemotors, old bicycles and of course ancient stones of Wales!
Land O Old Bikes and Food Fights
Bob Hufford's Swing Bike Page

Need help with your American-made bicycle? Check out:
National Bicycle History Archive of America The NBHAA runs a professional service to help you identify your old American bicycle. They also offer information and advice on the history and restoration of your bicycle.

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