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Our Goals:

Our research is driven towards discovery of critical pathogen and host molecular mechanisms that mediate or restrict bacterial pathogenesis. The goal of our work is to develop novel host-protective interventions to overcome the development of antibiotic resistance. Part of this effort is our recent success in developing anti-infective reagents that block bacterial pathogenesis without effecting cell viability; an effective mechanism of treatment in which current antibiotic therapeutics are lacking.

The Rahme Lab is committed into bridging basic and clinical sciences to address the antibiotic resistance epidemic.

Current Research Projects:

Identification and Development of Novel Therapeutic Approaches

Bacterial cell-to-cell communication inhibitors

Anti-virulence inhibitors, and antibiotic tolerance inhibitors

Host-protective interventions: immune potentiation and early biomarkers of susceptibility to infection.

Molecular Basis of Cell-to-Cell Communication & Infochemical Synthesis

Intra-species, inter-species, and inter-kingdom communication

Bacterial quorum sensing regulation of in vivo and polymicrobial settings

Cell fate and cooperative behavior within bacterial populations

Low molecular weight infochemical identification, synthesis, and inhibition

Antibiotic Tolerance

Regulation of persister cell formation

Persistent and recurrent infections

Non-Vertebrate and Vertebrate Models of Acute and Chronic Infection

Immuno-inflammatory & metabolic responses to infection and trauma

Project Overviews

Molecular Pathogenesis of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

The "copper rust" blue-green opportunistic pathogen

Cystic Fibrosis Lung Infections

P. aeruginosa infection of CF patients

Anti-infective Chemicals

Novel anti-infective compounds to combat bacterial pathogens

Burn Trauma

Host response to injury and burn wound infection

Drosophila Infection Model

P. aeruginosa PA14 is pathogenic in Drosophila

Plant Infection Model

P. aeruginosa PA14 is pathogenic in Arabidopsis

Laurence Rahme, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Surgery

Microbiology and Immunobiology

Harvard Medical School

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Department of Surgery

Director of Molecular Surgical Lab

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