Not all Raleighs are roadsters. This is a 1950's Raleigh Clubman built for club racing. The frame was made with Reynold's 531 tubing, and the bike is equipped with 6 1/2" fluted cranks and Sylvere Maes light alloy bars. The chainring is decorated with three herons. The pedals are of the 'Quill' pattern. The bike is currently in a hot rod phase with 26" wheels and a slik on the rear. I also included a dynohub with lights, a four speed FW hub, and those funny, short fenders. I had trouble with the rear hub so I took it apart and found what must be the original rubberband around the pawls - installed and stuck in there for 50 years! I added some Raleigh wing nuts, and Sturmey Archer wing nuts typically found on bicycles of this type and period.

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