1940s Armstrong Moth, Club Bicycle

This rusty spectacle is an old British club bicycle. It is a lightweight bicycle called an Armtrong Moth made in Birmingham England. As found, it has Atom hubs (made in France), Simplex quick release skewers, rear flip-flop hub, mounting on front fork for a headlamp, GB Sport side pull brakes. The chainstay has an odd looking braze on to mount a rear derailleur of the late 30's - 40's. It has interesting lug work where the front of the head lugs are plain and the rear of the same lugs are ornate. Even the bottom bracket lug is quite nice. The fork ends are long and extended. The only original components on this bike are the GB brakes, the GB stem, and pedals. I would like to hear from others who have any info on this bike or similar Armstrong bikes. Send me a note. I set this bike up with fixed/free flip-flop gearing, and used it for winter commuting. More pics below.

Thanks to those who have written to me with information on this bicycle. Some details of a late 50's Moth are included here.

Click here for pics of another Moth, again late 50's with original components.

An Armstrong Moth advertisement 1935

An Armstrong Moth advertisement 1951

An Armstrong advertisement - The British Cycle Corp. Limited, 1958

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