The Humber Sprite 5-speed was made in 1969. It is equipped with a Sturmey Archer S5 hub, Brooks B72 leather saddle (like new), dual shifters. This bicycle has the ornate Humber chain ring. The method of changing gears from first to fifth is difficult to remember until one has an understanding of the internal workings of the hub. The toggle chain in the right hand end of the hub is connected to the right three-speed lever by a normal cable system. The bell crank on the left is connected to a two speed lever. The right lever acts as a normal three-speed selector. The left lever selects between two three speeds - one wide ratio and the other ultra-wide ratio! Therefore, when the left lever is forward, the hub operates like a normal wide ratio three-speed, and when the left lever is pulled back the ultra-high and ultra-low gears are accessible. This hub is actually a six speed, but the normal, direct drive gears of both rati os are same.

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