Table 3.TAMU BAC clones containing rDNA and chloroplast DNA sequences identified by hybridization to the YAC probe, EG03G01. The YAC EG03G01 has not been sequenced and may contain unique sequence regions in addtion to rDNA and chloroplast DNA.

T01A23 T01A24 T01B19 T01B24 T01C24 T01D14 T01D17 T01G19
T01K11 T01K23 T01L14 T01M08 T02A06 T02A09 T02B04 T02C12
T02C19 T02D13 T02D21 T02G01 T02K03 T02L21 T02M17 T02M19
T02N13 T02N19 T02P07 T03A01 T03A07 T03B06 T03D01 T03D04
T03D14 T03E08 T03E24 T03F15 T03G12 T03I06 T03I10 T03I19
T03K15 T03K24 T03L11 T03M07 T03M08 T03M12 T03N18 T03N20
T03N24 T03P22 T04A20 T04C13 T04E12 T04E18 T04F06 T04F17
T04G01 T04G23 T04G24 T04H24 T04I08 T04J06 T04M09 T04M16
T04N08 T04N11 T04O11 T04O15 T04O20 T04P09 T05A16 T05C18
T05C21 T05D19 T05E07 T05F04 T05F05 T05F08 T05G19 T05G21
T05H08 T05L01 T05L24 T05M02 T05N06 T05N19 T05N24 T05O02
T05O12 T05O19 T05O21 T06D16 T06K02 T06K13 T06K19 T06L04
T06L07 T06L10 T06M20 T06P06 T06P12 T06P22 T07A02 T07A05
T07A22 T07B17 T07B24 T07E20 T07E21 T07F07 T07F19 T07H14
T07H16 T07H21 T07K05 T07L24 T07M06 T07N03 T07N15 T07N17
T07O20 T07P14 T08B02 T08B09 T08B13 T08C01 T08C02 T08C14
T08C16 T08D14 T08E13 T08E15 T08F02 T08F14 T08G01 T08G08
T08H03 T08H05 T08H09 T08I04 T08I05 T08I14 T08J01 T08K01
T08K15 T08K21 T08M02 T08M08 T08N23 T09A20 T09B15 T09B23
T09C01 T09C15 T09D05 T09D10 T09E14 T09G08 T09I21 T09J08
T09K13 T09K20 T09K21 T09M01 T09N03 T09N08 T09O04 T09O14
T09O15 T09O16 T09P04 T09P19 T09P23 T10A15 T10D01 T10D03
T10D13 T10F21 T10H04 T10H07 T10I22 T10J23 T10K09 T10K16
T10K21 T10L07 T10L12 T10M03 T10O13 T11G08 T11H11 T13B09
T13B12 T13B13 T13C16 T13C17 T13E02 T13E04 T13G05 T13G20
T13H14 T13H15 T13I24 T13J04 T13J12 T13J23 T13K02 T13K05
T13K09 T13K15 T13L04 T13L06 T13L10 T13L12 T13L24 T13N24
T13O06 T13O22 T13P03 T13P23 T14A03 T14A20 T14A24 T14B01
T14B14 T14C07 T14C17 T14D08 T14D17 T14F03 T14F20 T14H19
T14H23 T14J08 T14J09 T14J12 T14L02 T14M06 T14N22 T14O09
T14P11 T15A03 T15A06 T15A07 T15A20 T15C02 T15D10 T15D12
T15E17 T15G05 T15G16 T15H02 T15H04 T15H18 T15H20 T15I07
T15I20 T15I21 T15K13 T15K15 T15K16 T15L01 T15L05 T15L08
T15M04 T15M09 T15M13 T15M14 T15M15 T15M17 T15M20 T15N22
T15O01 T15O10 T15P05 T15P10 T15P15 T16A23 T16B09 T16B13
T16B24 T16C09 T16C19 T16C24 T16D06 T16D12 T16E04 T16E14
T16F03 T16F09 T16F18 T16H14 T16H15 T16I04 T16I12 T16K01
T16M19 T16M21 T16O05 T16P03 T17A03 T17A23 T17B11 T17B14
T17B19 T17C03 T17C19 T17C23 T17E10 T17E11 T17F12 T17G04
T17G19 T17G21 T17H01 T17H12 T17I02 T17I03 T17I24 T17J02
T17J08 T17J16 T17J22 T17J24 T17K05 T17L12 T17M14 T17N01
T17N20 T17O01 T17O03 T17O11 T17P02 T17P18 T18A12 T18A15
T18A21 T18A23 T18B10 T18C06 T18C19 T18C23 T18D15 T18D23
T18F06 T18G05 T18G10 T18G15 T18G19 T18H13 T18H18 T18I13
T18I15 T18L19 T18M12 T18M21 T18M23 T18N10 T18N15 T18N21
T18O21 T19A13 T19B22 T19C13 T19E07 T19E13 T19E19 T19F02
T19G06 T19G18 T19H05 T19H06 T19H17 T19H19 T19I07 T19K09
T19L01 T19L09 T19L14 T19L21 T19L22 T19M03 T19M12 T19M19
T19O03 T19O04 T19O10 T19P20 T19P21 T19P22 T20A07 T20A09
T20A10 T20A19 T20B10 T20B11 T20B13 T20B14 T20C18 T20D18
T20D22 T20E13 T20E24 T20F03 T20F16 T20F18 T20F24 T20G18
T20H06 T20H09 T20H15 T20I02 T20J23 T20K05 T20K13 T20L08
T20L09 T20L14 T20M04 T20M06 T20M07 T20N05 T20O12 T20O23
T20P09 T21A02 T21A03 T21A04 T21A11 T21A19 T21A21 T21B20
T21D03 T21E21 T21F16 T21G09 T21G11 T21G18 T21H04 T21H08
T21I06 T21I13 T21I22 T21J13 T21K10 T21K23 T21L07 T21L19
T21M04 T21M08 T21M09 T21M16 T21M23 T21O23 T21P22 T22E13
T22E24 T22F07 T22F12 T22G01 T22G19 T22H01 T22H04 T22H09
T22I18 T22J09 T22J16 T22K13 T22K20 T22K23 T22K24 T22L01
T22L10 T22L11 T22L16 T22M03 T22M06 T22M18 T22N10 T22O17
T22O19 T22O24 T22P14 T23A21 T23A22 T23B05 T23B14 T23C07
T23C14 T23C22 T23C23 T23D07 T23D15 T23E02 T23F05 T23F19
T23G23 T23H19 T23I05 T23I15 T23I22 T23J01 T23J14 T23J20
T23K05 T23L08 T23N10 T23N20 T23O03 T23O08 T23O09 T23O18
T23P11 T24A01 T24B16 T24C02 T24C11 T24D02 T24D03 T24E21
T24E22 T24G02 T24G17 T24G19 T24G21 T24I06 T24I18 T24J04
T24J09 T24J17 T24K02 T24K17 T24L04 T24L14 T24L23 T24M07
T24O01 T24O03 T24P14 T24P19 T25A13 T25A14 T25A21 T25D20
T25D21 T25E17 T25G14 T25H04 T25K15 T25M07 T25M13 T25M24
T25N03 T25N10 T25O03 T25O24 T26A02 T26A04 T26A10 T26A12
T26A19 T26A22 T26B04 T26C17 T26C23 T26D20 T26E13 T26E20
T26F22 T26F24 T26G11 T26G13 T26G24 T26H03 T26I18 T26J03
T26J05 T26K08 T26K18 T26K24 T26L20 T26M10 T26M15 T26N11
T26N14 T26O02 T26O17 T27A15 T27B01 T27C02 T27D09 T27E03
T27E22 T27F19 T27H01 T27H05 T27H13 T27H16 T27J10 T27J14
T27J21 T27K01 T27K04 T27K17 T27M09 T27M20 T27N14 T27N24
T27O09 T27O14 T27O17 T27O18 T27P11 T28A02 T28A16 T28B04
T28C10 T28C11 T28C17 T28E02 T28E04 T28E10 T28E12 T28E23
T28G03 T28H04 T28H19 T28I03 T28J06 T28J11 T28J18 T28J24
T28K03 T28K09 T28K23 T28L05 T28L06 T28L08 T28N09 T28N11
T28N12 T29A07 T29B16 T29C03 T29F02 T29F17 T29H15 T29H22
T29I19 T29J07 T29K15 T29M03 T29M22 T29N07 T29N14 T29O01
T29O03 T29O11 T29P10 T29P15 T29P19 T30A09 T30A12 T30C05
T30C06 T30C13 T30D04 T30E06 T30F05 T30F23 T30F24 T30G09
T30G13 T30G20 T30H11 T30H23 T30I20 T30J02 T30J06 T30J13
T30J14 T30K01 T30K07 T30K15 T30L01 T30L02 T30M12 T30M13
T30M14 T30M19 T30M21 T30O01 T30O12 T30O17 T30P01 T31A04
T31A18 T31A19 T31C03 T31C06 T31C14 T31C19 T31E18 T31G12
T31H02 T31H03 T31H12 T31I10 T31I11 T31I12 T31J11 T31J19
T31N04 T31O04 T31P20 T31P22 T32B09 T32B21 T32C07 T32C12
T32C18 T32C20 T32F22 T32G13 T32G15 T32G16 T32G21 T32H22
T32I21 T32I23 T32I24 T32J04 T32J22 T32K03 T32K07 T32K10
T32K11 T32L11 T32N22 T32N24 T32O06 T32O18 T32O20 T32P11
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