British Bicycles etc...


I have listed my collection of British bicycles below chronologically. As the list has expanded I have included bikes of friends as well. Follow each item in the list for a photograph of the bicycle as well as a description. I will try to feature either a special or common attributes of these bicycles in each section (work in progress). Eventually I should have a good bit of information about many aspects of British bicycles that other enthusiasts (like yourself) might find useful. Feel free to email me with more information or comments.

Events for Enthusiasts in the USA Featuring British Bicycles:

Every year there is a Great British Bike Weekend in Philadelphia. Contact: Trophy Bikes, 3131 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106 near University of Penn... tel 215.222.2020

the 9th annual (!) Great British Bike Weekend is set for April 28-29-30 in Phila...
will include a workshop, 3-speed time trial, bike on rail, bike and pub, possibly a Chopper Drag Race and more...

Some pics from the Brit Bike Weekend 1999

For those of you who missed The Great British Bike Weekend in Philadelphia 1998, I have a few pictures of the event.

Some pictures from my trip to London:

Here are some pictures from my trip to London during December of 1998 featuring, you guessed it... BIKES!

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